The Weave Room – Blonde Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are available in a vast range of colours, however due to the high number of colour varieties we are often asked whether all colours of hair extensions are treated the same in terms of aftercare, and whether certain colours require different treatments to ensure they stay looking and feeling healthy.

Generally speaking, the majority of high quality hair extensions such as those sold at SimplyHair will be processed from virgin, meaning they will begin as very dark brown untreated hair, and will then be processed to the varying lighter shades, from caramel browns, all the way down to the brightest blonde. 

All of the colour variations will undergo the exact same process, however the lighter the shade the longer the hair will be required to be processed, and therefore naturally the lighter the hair extensions the more care and attention they will require once fitted.

Hair Extensions Require A Hair Oil For Ultimate Nourishment

Hair oils are a great treatment for hair extensions as they add back the nourishment your natural hair receives on demand from you scalp.  As your hair extensions aren’t attached at the scalp they are missing out on this vital nourishment, and by adding an oil into your routine you will continue to replenish your hair.  There are many hair oils available today, however finding one that is 100% natural will be the most suitable for your hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Require A High Quality Hair Conditioner

It is essential that when you are looking after hair extensions, and in particular blonde hair extensions, that your clients are using a good hair extension conditioner.  This will be required every time the hair is washed to add some extra moisture into the hair, keeping it silky soft and smooth. 

Avoid Chlorine When Wearing Hair Extensions

This is important for all hair extension wearers, but especially blondes.  Chlorine can commonly discolour hair extensions, and in worse case scenarios cause them to dry, therefore it should be avoided at all costs if you want to keep your hair extensions in pristine condition. 

September 25, 2018 12:00 am

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