Shadow Root

Shadow Root: For high contrast blondes who want to have a deep, dark root but still an overall high lift blonde. This kind of root is only taken 1/2 an inch down from the scalp.

Root Smudge: This is for medium maintenance blondes who want a more natural blonde colour and to be able to get away with a wee bit longer in-between colour appointments. Sometimes known as The Root Stretch, this kind of root is brought 1 – 1.5 inches down from the scalp. Left higher at the front & brought down lower at the back.

Root Melt: Super low maintenance – Ultimate Longevity!! This is NOT recommended for blondes who like to stay light & bright all year round. This root is brought 2 – 4 inches down from the scalp. This look is supposed to look like the sun naturally bleached the hair, so like the Root Smudge, it will be left higher at the front and brought down lower at the back of the head.

November 21, 2019 10:37 am

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