Online Consultation

If you would like to book an appointment for the application of Hair Extensions please fill out the following form.  I will assess your suitability for Hair Extensions and get in touch with you, firstly to organise a FREE Consultation.

The first thing you must acknowledge when getting hair extensions is that everyone’s hair is different and that you know your hair better than anyone.  I can advise you of the pros and cons of hair extensions but then it is solely your decision as the client to go ahead with the hair extension service.  Before you go a head with this service you should evaluate the quality of your own hair and decide if they are the best thing for your unique situation.  You need to keep in mind that hair extensions are a commitment and require maintenance and care.  You are responsible for the care of your hair and the extensions at all times.  If you have any concerns after the hair extensions have been fitted you should notify me as soon as possible so I can offer advice or assistance before anything becomes a problem.  If you have decided to get hair extensions in any method that I offer, it is extremely important to follow the correct aftercare procedure provided by me for the health of your natural hair and extensions.

I certify that the above information I have provided is correct and that I have read the ‘Aftercare’ section of this website, I also agree to carry out all of the advice given to me.  I understand that correct Aftercare Products are essential and I am responsible for making sure these products are used at all times.  I will not hold the Hair Extension Specialist responsible for any damage or injury caused by me failing to carry out the information & instructions given to me or hold them liable if I have supplied any incorrect information.  I understand that regular maintenance is required to keep my extensions at their best and removal must be carried out after 3 months professionally.